The following are the thoughts of some of our clients who were kind enough to share.

I really love Scissor Sisters Salon. The decor is lovely, warm and inviting. Megan has been my stylist for years, and I think she always does an amazing job cutting, coloring and reshaping my long hair and bangs.
— Nikki Romero
I don’t know when, if ever, I have had a haircut keep it’s shape like my last cut from you Marina. You are exceptionally good.
— Nena Gee
I have been going to Scissor Sisters since they opened. I always receive excellent care, with Megan chatting me up like we are old pals as Channy styles my hair because “I just really want to see how it looks with curls in it.” They push me to try new things, which is great. If I had my way I would still have bleach-blond, unhealthy looking hair instead of my now dark reddish tangle free locks. I have tried a couple different hair styles over the years, and I am happy that I have been slowly moved from my comfort zone into a more adventurous lifestyle. I love going there, and am always excited to go back.
— Mariah Mitman
Marina was not only funny, smart, honest, and beautiful but thorough, proficient and skilled. Wow! Oh yeah and generous! She spent a lot of time and went the extra mile to give me the full treatment. Thank you.
— Anonymous
Fabulous haircuts as always thanks Scissor SistersSalon!! Scissor Sisters truly are the best! I’d recommend them to anyone!
— Whitney Carr
Channy! I just wanted to tell you how much I love my hair cut! You did a wonderful job. Thank you!
— Lydia Turner
Thanks Marina for the haircut, the curly ‘do’ and the chat!
— Ciara Stout
Thanks for always making me feel and look amazing! And knowing what I want, even when I don’t!
— Audrey Williams
Wow. Scissor SistersSalonand Channy Wilks you are amazing! A 5 year old asks for sparkles and a butterfly braid, and you make it happen! The smile says it all.
— Carrie Higinbotham
Megan, thank you again for making me so beautiful. haha my dark hair has made me vain, but i keep getting compliments! even from actual strangers. I appreciate you!
— Chandra Shaw
Marina is the best! She knows the hair styling business and does exactly what a client requests. Thank you, Marina!
— Tom and Mary Jean Bivins
Loving my new fun hair...miss channy Scissor’ve rocked it out once again!
— Liz Pullman
Wonderful casual atmosphere. I feel like someone finally got it right, thanks Marina for your skills and awesome sense of humor.
— Rose Patnode
And to think I had to travel from new Hampshire to get the best cut and color on the planet! And didn’t we have a great time:)
— Joie Ferland
Hi guys!!! I love my hair Megan!! I actually do my makeup and hair everyday because it looks so good...I just had lunch with Sarah and hers is smoking too!!! We are all gonna have to get together soon..
— Rachael McCloud
Channy, and all of the hair stylists are wonderfully talented and so welcoming. I love my visits, and I leave feeling beautiful! 💖💖 Thank you for your great work! 3+ years of excellent cuts and styles!
— Theresa Colvin
Thank you, Marina from Scissor Sisters Salon, for giving Shad some style!
— Jen Clark
Great Job Channy at Scissor SistersSalon you are AMAZING! Thanks for the fabulous updo and winning personality
— Tiffany Hays
Love the color and cut!! Thanks Megan Woo Hooo finally found someone who cuts hair awesome!!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!
— Luanna Mazuranich
Thanks Channy! Everyone at the ranch loved my new hair cut!!
— Elise Christine
Thank you Scissor Sisters, I love how my hair turned out. You did an awesome job.
— Kerry Hansen
Keelia loves her hair so much! Thanks so much Channy!
— Samantha Malley
Thanks again Megan Le! As always you do a wonderful job!!!!
— Heather Barsness
Thanks for the birthday wishes, and an awesome hair cut! Scissor SistersSalon
— Jessika Hensley
Just got an amazing purple and I’m in love!
Thanks Channy
— Heather Combs
The Wyatts miss you guys so much! Thanks for taking care of us while we lived in Bozeman! You are the best!
— Misty Wyatt
Got a really good haircut from my daughter, Megan Le at Scissor SistersSalon the other day. Then she convinced me to try wearing it curly. Its a rainy day... perfect day for not having smooth, styled hair. :)
Thanks Meg.
— Tami Schall
Would just like to reiterate how much i love my hair...:) thanks again Channy!
— Jess Bauer
Got a wonderful new haircolor from Megan yesterday!!! Absolutely love it..thank-you so much..your friend Toni
— Toni Donnelly
Thanks Channy Wilks! My hair and my family’s look awesome!
— Mary Michel
Girls got haircuts today. Thanks for such a wonderful job scissor sisters!!
— Jody Verwolf
I’m really liking my hair:-) thanks Megan!!!
— Kayle Quillen
Great atmosphere and great service! Easy to schedule appointments through Schedulicity. Excellent prices. Channy did a wonderful job and was such a pleasure to chat with!
— Amy Denton
Thank you Scissor Sisters! If your looking for a new hairdresser I strongly suggest going to one of the Scissor Sisters!
— Theresa Huyser
Thanks Megan for the color and Channy for the styling tip! Love my hair ladies, thanks!
— Jen Zanto
You guys ROCK!!
— Haley Dill
Comfortable for “normal” people - not as hoity-toity as many of the salons - it was great! Thank you!
— Anonymous
Thank you so much Megan for helping us tame the beast (only took me an hour to straighten)!
— Sarah Jakkola
Always friendly and really care about how I will look and what kind of maintenance I really don’t want to deal with.
— Cayley Jeanne Hunt
Love my hair! Its finally getting to the blonde I want! Thanks to Channy at Scissor SistersSalon!! She knows how to work her magic! 😊
— Rusti Harrigfeld
Talent and personality!! I had a great appointment! Check out Marina at Scissor SistersSalon!!
— Theresa Colvin
Thank you channy for coming in early and doing my hair for my wedding! Thank you!
— Karina Derrick
It was my first time using this hair salon and I was a little sketchy at first lol because it was someone new playing with my hair. But I got my hair cut and dyed and I love it. The people there are super sweet and caring funny as well. There atmosphere is relaxing and fun! I will definitely be back!
— Heidi Hurst
Thanks Megan!! Love it!!
— Kaycee Phillips
Thank you Channy for my new hairdo! I love it!!
— Shane Allison